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{August 4, 2010}   Sorry!

I have been so busy working, getting Jaylin ready for Kindergarten, running/working out that I forgot about my blog! I know terrible.

Paint the Streets 5k went well- another personal record! I am just whittling away at my time each race. This time I got third but had a faster time of 25.32 than the previous 25:57! It was fun/HOT got to run with hubby he stayed with me the whole time till the end where he sprinted to finish ahead of me. 25:18 I think. My brother also came in town and ran with us and he got 2nd in his age group with a 28min time.. It was a small local 1st time race and it went well! Props to the coordinators!

(my friend hillary)

Ok so next I got  a treadmill PR of 25:30.. only 2 seconds but still 🙂

And yesterday I finally got around to doing all three things in prep for my sprint tri.. Not on the actual course but good enough.. and btw heat index of over 105… 3 mile run 26:30, 6 mile bike 25min, and 400 meter swim 9:08. so just over an hour minus the transitions which were of course more in practice since I had to get the bike in and out of the car..etc…  So yeah two more weeks!! we shall see how I do…

The bad thing about speed and tri training is I have NOT been training for my Sept 5th 1/2 marathon!!! ahhhhh I haven’t ran more than 3/4 miles at a time since my june 8th 11.5 mile race. So I’m hoping just my overall conditioning will be good.. and I need to get in some 6-10 mile runs. 10 miles is usually the most I get around to doing before a 1/2 anyways… I’m bad at long training runs especially by myself. I need to get out there with the TNT group but it just hasn’t worked out lately. 😦

So tell me what races you guys are scheduled for and how your training is going?? I’d love to know some highlights without having to check each blog when I don’t have time.

PS. KAYTE 326.25 is  my current mileage for the 1000 in a year thing.. doubt I will make that goal but I can’t get into the thing to update it for some reason..

Have a spectacular day!!



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