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{March 30, 2010}   A date with Jim

So I happen to work at a place that has a gym very conveniently located to me. This is great because I frequently go to the gym on my lunch break, or as I joke with my coworkers “Have a lunch date with Jim/Gym” . Now I am pretty good about getting in a good workout and still managing to look/smell fresh and clean going back to the office. Now in the beginning it was weird to work out with coworkers/old bosses – you think “Are they watching my time, do they think my short shorts are too short ;)” but after a year or so you get over it. You kinda create a support group, It makes going to the gym fun and more enjoyable. You meet new people and create friends.

BUT – and you knew a rant was coming. The thing I hate the most is the old guys who think they know you. And always try to talk to you, AND Then you see them out in public. Say at girl’s night and your dancing w/ your friends and they come up and try to dance w/ you and act all like they know you and make comments about how good you look! I hate that! Don’t try to talk to me in the supermarket, mall, or in a bar. I don’t even know your name and your OLD!

So I don’t really know what the point of all that was- except I just got back from the gym. See article below that I thought was kinda neat:




{March 29, 2010}   Upcoming races

So last night I was on facebook chatting with my brother and he told me he was training for a Navy Nautical 10miler. Which a Nautical mile is actually longer than a regular one. 1.1508 miles so the race is about 11miles.

FYI: A nautical mile is based on the circumference of the planet Earth.  A minute of arc on the planet Earth is 1 nautical mile. This unit of measurement is used by all nations for air and sea travel. (useless piece of info)

So I was so excited about this race and the possibility of running with my brother and his girl friend that I signed up last night! So a trip to Memphis to visit the family in June is in order.

So here are all my possible races that I am going to run in order-

Rock N Roll Country Music 1/2 in Nashville, Tn: April 24 (this one I am iffy about, I have done it twice already and hate the hills but have been training better lately- though not for hills. Two of my friends are going so I may just get a wild streak and go for it! )

Music Moves Me 10K- Huntsville, Al. May 8th: This race is in honor of a coworker who passed from Lymphoma and goes to raise money for his foundation for scholarships for athletes.

Cotton Row 10k – Huntsville, Al. May 31st: (I totally sucked this one last year so I need to redeem myself. I had just run above stated race in april and hadn’t gotten out and ran once and then showed up to run 6! It also has a few hills and after 4 miles I pretty much just walked in at 1hr 20min 😦 

Inaugral Navy Nautical 10miler(See above actually over 11miles) Millington, TN. June 6th at night: (Yay! I’m signed up and excited to do a night race!)

Hiiway Sprint Tri- Huntsville, Al.  Aug 21st. I will so be there for this one! I just need a bike- Loved this XC course and pool swim(I hate icky water) Want to beat last years time: RUN 32:08   BIKE  26:05   SWIM  11:09  TOTAL  84 place 1:09:21

Frantic Frog Triathlon- Sept 11 Scottsburro, AL. Alittle bit longer of a tri than the above race. Still need bike though. Any suggestions for a bike under 1K ??? Don’t want to spend too much but don’t want a walmart huffy.

Liz Hurley Ribbon Run 5K-Huntsville, Al: Oct 16: This race is special to me. This is the first race I did only 6months after I finished my chemo and radiation. I did it in 36:55 but I did it!!! I run this race every year. This year I am hoping for a PR. Last year I ran w/ a friend so I stayed w/ her and did 34min. The year before was around 31. So my goal will be under 30 for this year.

That’s about it. As of now the only one I am signed up for is the Navy one. But I will prob sign up for the cotton row this week before the cost goes up! It’s too late for country music’s dicount so if I decided to run it, it will be 120.00 😦 boo… I need to run some hills before I decide!

That’s it for now…


{March 28, 2010}   Winner Winner

So I never win anything, I can have a million entries in something and the person with one will still manage to win something over me. But! I entered Kayte’s blog giveaway for an Ipod and WON and I only had 2 entries! I picked a blue Ipod since that is my favorite color!

I was so excited because I was just about to go buy one because I had just broken my last mp3 player. I was running and it dropped on the ground- which probably wouldn’t have been that bad but then I stepped on it and broke the screen! It still played but was obviously a pain in the rear to find the music and try to play a playlist and such. SO Thanks Kayte!

This is much better than my luck last week when I visited one of those Mary Kay things. You know you host a party or something for someone and then you have entries for a give away. Well it was 500 cash so I thought what the heck I’ll go to the drawing since you had to be present to win. How many woman will actually show to this thing? Well it wasn’t actually that many so me and my friend figured between our 25 entries that we had a good chance and would split the money. The consultant had told us to be there early and the drawing would be at 6:30… TWO hours later They were just getting around to the drawing! So after sitting through sales pitch after sales pitch and a bunch of small drawings for make-up stuff which I obviously didn’t win either our husbands were getting just as iritated as us for not being home anywhere near the time we stated. My friend’s husband texted her that she better come home w/ the 500 whether she won or not- even if she mugged the winner in the parking lot. She told him that she thought I had a good chance of winning. He said he thought she could take me. To which she replied that I was faster(So true! and I run slow 😉 His reply was to take out my knees now and if i didn’t win apologize later.  🙂 This was the extent of our entertainment that night- so point of story unless you plan on or want to sell mary kay do NOT go to a meeting in hopes of cash- so waste of time!

On another note I will be having my first giveway soon! So good luck!!! hehe


{March 28, 2010}   Artsy Fartsy

So it was finally a pretty day here in Al! Yay! So I took advantage of it by running,reading a book on the porch rocking chair(double shot- murder mystery book), and painting some shoes for Jaylin.  That is our brightly colored rocking chair 🙂

So I think my first attempt at painting shoes turned out fairly well. For my shoes I just want lots of colors(think tye dye maybe but no pattern). So I’m not sure if I want to use the same fabric paint or the paint markers that they have at Michaels. (I think I would have to wait awhile for the fabric paint to dry inbetween colors) I love shopping at Michaels because I never go without  a 40% off coupon. You can always find one online!

Sticking w/ the art theme I’ll post some pictures of  previous art work I’ve done. A few months ago I hosted a Wine and Paint at my house for Team in Training- It was lots of fun and a great idea to raise money since I just bought the canvasses and paint on sale!

This painting was in memory for a friend  of mine who passed away from cancer. She was such a bright and positive person and reminded us all to enjoy life w/ a smile. I miss you Laura!

 and as always a Bee 🙂 I made this for Jaylin’s room.

So that’s about it for today- nothing exciting or thrilling to talk about . Gonna go find a movie to watch and dig into some ice cream 🙂

Laters~ Randomthotschick~

{March 25, 2010}   Wish list…

So I just recently got a raise at my job- and first on the list will be paying more on my student loans and car.. boo I know.. BUT I am putting a little list of wants together so maybe when I have some extra dough I can splurge on myself!

Kenneth Lane Bee ring from blue fly.com.. Love bees!

Tom’s Shoes: The give away a free pair for every pair you buy. That rocks!! I want some in white so I can paint my own design on them. But I thought these were pretty cool too.

theorchidboutique.com has some GREAT designer swimsuits. Very unique and some vintage/pin up stuff.. So cute but be prepared to drop a pretty penny! I’m not about to do that just yet, BUT on the plus my Blog/Runner buddie Kayte gave me a coupon for Victoria’s Secret!!! I’m sure I can find a cute suit on there. 🙂 Thanks Girl!

 So my husband got me this beautiful Coach wristlet for my b’day… So now I want this:For all my cards and monies…

 www.shopruche.com is one of my fav sites to check out stuff. I have gotten two really cute cheap dresses from there that I love!

So I guess that is all for now. Better start saving 🙂 What do you guys want on your wish list????

~Randomthotschick~ Steph

{March 24, 2010}   Happy B’day Baby Bella

So 5 years ago today at 10:12 I gave birth to Jaylin Isabella. As a baby myself I was scared to death- but insisted on doing it natural due to my fear of the needle for the meds..(which I would later get over as I would have to be stuck multiple times for treatments only a year 1/2 later) So I labored at the house all night while watching movies. I remember one I watched was Keeping the Faith about a Girl, Priest and Rabbi- w/ Ben Stiller and Edward Norton. It was pretty cute- forgot the other one(must have been in more pain at that point).

So at about 5 I woke Josh up(my husband) and we got ready to go to the hospital. Probably arriving around 7ish my contractions were worse and we got into a room around 8 and I had her at 10:12… So it was quick! I’m at work so no brand new baby pics on here but a few of my favorites :

So Happy B’day Jaylin!!! I’m going to take her to the duck pond or park today when I get off if it is nice. Maybe some ice cream! 🙂

Btw- Ran 2 on tradmill yesterday even w/ my cold. Not sure about today- Need to do a longish run. Haven’t figured how to put a widget of daily mile yet. Where do I paste the link????

~Randomthotschick~ Steph

{March 23, 2010}   As the Days go by…

So this past week was definately a busy one, Jaylin my almost 5 year old daughter was on spring break so she was going to visit my parents for the week. So here is a list of all what we did- saw avatar in 3D finally (Loved it!), Saw Alice and wonderland w/ my friend for her b’day (Liked it), went out for St. patty’s day, had people over for food next night, and then had everyone back at the house (parents/MIL) for Jaylin’s b’day party…. everything went well but now I’m tired and sick! 😦 So my running has most definately been slacking. I went yesterday morning for a 2.25mile run before work. it was cold and probably didn’t help my cold.. so we’ll see what I decide on today.. I definately have been slacking since the race though so I need to hurry up and sign up for something else to keep me motivated.. 

Some pics of the past week….

B’day Dinner

St patty’s

{March 22, 2010}   Princess 1/2 Marathon

So March 7th 2010 was my best b’day ever! but to those of you who don’t run you’d think I was insain. I was with my Team in Training group- a group of ladies who had all fundraised for months to raise $3,500 for the Luekemia and Lymphoma Society. We woke up at 2:45 to get ready to get on a bus to go to Epcot (Yes I was in Disney for pretty much the first time) It was probably around high 30/low 40 degrees and I forgot my gloves! We waited around in the cold for awhile before walking to the start line. Me and my roomie Kayte found that that generators that were running the lights put out some warm exhaust so we chilled by that for awhile..

After that at we got in our race coral- B and waited for the start of the race at 6:07. I started out running w/ katye but 2 miles into it she had to detor to a blue box 😉 I really wanted to get a good time so I kept on running. I loved the course there were characters on the side, music, and more.  I was able to get a time of 2:18:08! Which thrilled me since my last 1/2 marathon was 2:45:50! Of course this course was a bit flatter so that made a world of difference.

YAY! I felt great and wasn’t sore at all!   More to come.. gotta get some coffee


In continuation from yesterday.. I got busy.. oops..

Had a great time in Disney !Went to the parks later in the day after the Team in Training lunch celebration where I got to meet the famous Mickey and Minnie!  So one last pic…. from the parks !

 In summery I turned 24, raised $3,500 so I could…. wake up at 2:45, sit in the cold, and Run 13.1 miles!!! And it was so worth it all!!  GO TEAM !

{March 19, 2010}   Busy Busy as A Bee

So you should know this is my first blog, I decided to do one when my running friend Kayte (will link her awesome blog when I figure it out 🙂 put together a running log for us (super awesome runners) to track our miles and attempt to run 1,001 miles in 2010! Anyways everyone else in the group had a blog but me! So I thought I’d give it a go.

About me: I’m Stephanie- I am a runner, a mother, a bumble-bee(nickname), artistic, addicted to tanning , and cancer survivor(and no not from skin cancer;)

This blog will be about running and other random things that I think of. Also probably some pictures of my beautiful girl Jaylin Isabella who will be 5 this month on the 24th…. makes me feel old!!

et cetera