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{October 19, 2010}   Race Recap

I am behind so this will be a mega race recap for all of you who might occasionally stop by to see if I post something new.. sorry to dissapoint so often.

So I did not meet my goal 😦 BUT I was close 🙂 I wanted to do the sprint tri in under an hour and I came in right at 1 hour and 20sec.  It was really fun though and I could have done the transitions faster so now I know better for next year.

HiiWayy Sprint Tri 2010: 88th Womans:23/177 Division: 5/21 Run 26:48  Bike 23:51   Swim 9:42 Overall Time: 1:00:20

It’s a great race! My only complaint was that the Div was 19-24 instead of the usual 20-24. This wouldn’t matter so much except that there were two 19 year olds that got first and second! If not for them I would have gotten 3rd! and the two girls times ahead of me were 1 hr 7 and 8seconds… SO CLOSE!

Next I did the Hampton Cove Running with the Bulls 5k and got a PR!!!! 24:43!! I was trying to beat 24:30 so I was close.

Finally the Virginia Beach 1/2- I killed the first half of the race.. 26:33 for the 5K and 56:56 for the 10K! unfortunately I took a bathroom break and it went downhill from there. I ended up with 2:18:11 which was 3 seconds slower than the Princess 1/2. 😦 I didn’t feel too bad though because I had only managed to get in a 6 and 7 mile training run in before the race. I had been focusing too much on the TRI and the short races.

So next I plan on doing a Halloween 5k and then I am signed up for the Mardi Gras Rock N Roll 1/2 in Feb! Yay! I’ve never been there so that should be fun.

At the TRI with my friend Hill


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