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{October 19, 2010}   Race Recap

I am behind so this will be a mega race recap for all of you who might occasionally stop by to see if I post something new.. sorry to dissapoint so often.

So I did not meet my goal 😦 BUT I was close 🙂 I wanted to do the sprint tri in under an hour and I came in right at 1 hour and 20sec.  It was really fun though and I could have done the transitions faster so now I know better for next year.

HiiWayy Sprint Tri 2010: 88th Womans:23/177 Division: 5/21 Run 26:48  Bike 23:51   Swim 9:42 Overall Time: 1:00:20

It’s a great race! My only complaint was that the Div was 19-24 instead of the usual 20-24. This wouldn’t matter so much except that there were two 19 year olds that got first and second! If not for them I would have gotten 3rd! and the two girls times ahead of me were 1 hr 7 and 8seconds… SO CLOSE!

Next I did the Hampton Cove Running with the Bulls 5k and got a PR!!!! 24:43!! I was trying to beat 24:30 so I was close.

Finally the Virginia Beach 1/2- I killed the first half of the race.. 26:33 for the 5K and 56:56 for the 10K! unfortunately I took a bathroom break and it went downhill from there. I ended up with 2:18:11 which was 3 seconds slower than the Princess 1/2. 😦 I didn’t feel too bad though because I had only managed to get in a 6 and 7 mile training run in before the race. I had been focusing too much on the TRI and the short races.

So next I plan on doing a Halloween 5k and then I am signed up for the Mardi Gras Rock N Roll 1/2 in Feb! Yay! I’ve never been there so that should be fun.

At the TRI with my friend Hill


{August 4, 2010}   Sorry!

I have been so busy working, getting Jaylin ready for Kindergarten, running/working out that I forgot about my blog! I know terrible.

Paint the Streets 5k went well- another personal record! I am just whittling away at my time each race. This time I got third but had a faster time of 25.32 than the previous 25:57! It was fun/HOT got to run with hubby he stayed with me the whole time till the end where he sprinted to finish ahead of me. 25:18 I think. My brother also came in town and ran with us and he got 2nd in his age group with a 28min time.. It was a small local 1st time race and it went well! Props to the coordinators!

(my friend hillary)

Ok so next I got  a treadmill PR of 25:30.. only 2 seconds but still 🙂

And yesterday I finally got around to doing all three things in prep for my sprint tri.. Not on the actual course but good enough.. and btw heat index of over 105… 3 mile run 26:30, 6 mile bike 25min, and 400 meter swim 9:08. so just over an hour minus the transitions which were of course more in practice since I had to get the bike in and out of the car..etc…  So yeah two more weeks!! we shall see how I do…

The bad thing about speed and tri training is I have NOT been training for my Sept 5th 1/2 marathon!!! ahhhhh I haven’t ran more than 3/4 miles at a time since my june 8th 11.5 mile race. So I’m hoping just my overall conditioning will be good.. and I need to get in some 6-10 mile runs. 10 miles is usually the most I get around to doing before a 1/2 anyways… I’m bad at long training runs especially by myself. I need to get out there with the TNT group but it just hasn’t worked out lately. 😦

So tell me what races you guys are scheduled for and how your training is going?? I’d love to know some highlights without having to check each blog when I don’t have time.

PS. KAYTE 326.25 is  my current mileage for the 1000 in a year thing.. doubt I will make that goal but I can’t get into the thing to update it for some reason..

Have a spectacular day!!


{July 20, 2010}   Team Jacob

So this past sat night I signed up last min for a Twilight 5k. Now I know your thinking vampires and wearwolfs but it was nothing fun like that.. Just a race at 7:15pm. I really wanted to do something Twilight related so I picked up some white tank tops and fabric markers. I was going to make a shirt with “Run like a Cullen” on the back. 🙂 Thought that would be super cute- well total fail. The shirts where hard to write on, then my letters weren’t straight and it just looked crappy.. So I nixed that plan and just went for the running. Christie came with again and is such a great pacer!! She even let me pass her at the finish which was sweet because I was suffering at the end..

So race recap: Mile 1 7:39! I think fastest ever. Mile 2 and 3 was 8 something (I so need my own GPS watch- hint hint) and I finished in 25:57. This was about 9 seconds off my last race BUT this race had like a continual hill for the last .30 mile at least!! and the other one was flat AND I didn’t have music for this one.. So in my opinion I ran better.

And for the super cool news! I got first in my age group!!! there were only 8 runners but hey I’ll take it- got a 20$ gift card to a local running store. Yay! So now I have a 1st and 3rd. I’m so pumped I signed up for another race next weekend. Paint the Streets 5k.It’s small and local so maybe I can place again?

Some pics from the race:

By the way my baby Jay ran the fun mile that same night in 12:22!! She did so good- complained about the heat the whole time but made it! 🙂

Till next time~


{July 8, 2010}   An Explosive Run

lol- Ok so that title could sound bad but I mean it in the best way! I got a PR in the Hilton Head Firecracker 5k race on July 4th! It was amazing- I did so many fun  things that day, the beach, parasailing and even surfing, but nothing compared to the excitement and feeling of accomplishment of beating all previous race times!!

I got to race it with my best friend christie who happened to be going on vacay with 2 other couples to the same place. She hooked us up with matching 4th of July attire. So cute!  So we were ready. I had prepped by the day before running on the treadmill- I decided to go all out and did 3 miles in 25:13! Was super excited about that time as that was the fastest I’d done so far.. I wasn’t expecting that much from the race though as it was a new course, and hot out (8am start) so I was aiming for 27min.. my previous 5k race time (not in a 1/2 marathon) was 31min.. so I knew either way I’d do better but just by how much was questionable. So off we go.. they didn’t have shoe chips so we tried to get close to the start so our time we be as close to the race clock as possible(I don’t know how they time those things without chips)

So my goal was to hang with Christie, she is overall always a good bit faster than me. So our first mile she tells me that her garmin says we did about a 7:55mile… I am like oh my!! I was feeling good though so I didn’t (mentally)slow down.. I think our 2nd mile was around 8:20 (I am going off my memory right now- I didn’t have her write it down). With about .80 to go Christie started pulling away by about 10 feet… she called back to me when it was .50 to go and I kept pushing harder to not let her get too far ahead of me.. Closer to the end when I could see the finished I booked it in! I was amazed when I saw the clock!

87 th  STEPHANIE  CROSBY       F     24     HUNTSVILLE      AL     25:48

I only finished 7 seconds behind christie!!! I was so excited.. that is like the best 4th july ever!  I shall post more pics when I get home.

So now on to more tri training… I swam yesterday and today.. 600yrds in 11min and the 1000yrds in 20:30… So gotta get some biking in, only about a month to train for that one and I want to beat last year’s time of 1:09:xx.

 (Fun on the beach surfing ) 🙂



{June 29, 2010}   Just a Quicky ;)

Yay! So I don’t know if a treadmill PR actually counts.. BUT I did a 5k on the treadmill in 25:54!!!! that is super fast for me- I hope I can do 27-28 for the race this sun.

{June 28, 2010}   Sorry Guys!

Dang it has been awhile since I posted.. Sorry! been busy with life I guess. Rotated to a new office for my job and have been alot busier at work so I didn’t have the time to post like I did before.

Training has been going well. I finally borrowed a bike to train for the Sprint triathalon.  I’ve gotten 3 rides in so far… two 8 milers and one 14..  Do you guys ride with bike shorts with pads or just regular shorts??? I am trying to find some shorts that I can run/bike/swim in and can’t find any locally. I’m sure there are some online but I kinda want to try them on first before buying them. Last year I just wore my swimsuit under some shorts and a tank- but my bike seat was much more comfortable.  I am up to 1000yrds in swimming – I’m trying to get my time down for the 400meters but aren’t getting too much quicker, maybe once I get there the excitement will get me going faster.

On another note I have a practice 5k coming up! we are going on a family vacation to Hilton Head for the 4th and I found this run and was excited! It will be HOT! But I hope to get a PR in a 5K.

Anyways back to work! I will try to be better at posting!


{June 8, 2010}   Toe the line

Yay! So CONGRATS to Kayte who just finished her 1st MARATHON!! I am so proud of you girl! So as I was finishing my race Kayte had 14.7 more miles to go! YIKES!

My race went well- I didn’t meet my 2 hour goal. I was 2min 44 sec shy of it. Do you ever look at your watch and know you might not make it and give up.. Well that is what happend to me. It was a HOT and MUGGY day to start out with so I was alittle slower on the first 1/2 than I planned on being. I thought I would start out quick get a few good miles in and then slow down as I got tired but still make the 2hr mark. Well at the 5 Nautical Mile mark (which was 5.76) I was at 57:49 so right at a 10.03pace. So I figured I was slower but could still push it out.. but then it just was so humid and hot I walked a few times and right when I was close to the 9 nm mark I only had 10 min left.. Well I knew that my first Nautical Mile (1.15) was 10 min so there was no way I had that much energy left and I gave up 😦 I obviously finished but walked a few times and ended up with 2hrs 2min and 44 sec. So do you run with watches?? Does it help or hurt you?? My brother ran it with me (his FIRST race) and he was determined to beat me. He got ahead of me and I could still see him after mile 6 but then I lost him. I should have caught up- since he didn’t have a watch and was determined to get under two he just kept up a good pace and finished 1:59:02!! I was so proud of him. Though he did have the unfair advantage of his army buddy pacing and cheering him on the whole way! Before Race: Check it out my number is my birth year.. Thought that was super cool.

 After race: check out the awesome anchor metals!  My husband/daughter, parents and brother and Brad’s g/f were all cheering us on, we got to see them at mile 6ish and 9ish and at the finish.. check out my sign it said BEE FAST on it 🙂

So check this out: I got 3rd place! hehe only had to beat four people but hey I got a navy coin with the race insignia. Don’t have the other pics yet but I will try to post them when I get them from my mom. So I got 209th overall and 65 out of the woman.

DIV   OVRL  SEX                            *****5.76 MILE****  ***FINISH***
PLACE PLC   PLC      NAME              AGE RANK  TIME   PACE   TIME   PACE  
    1   66    17 Pamela Koleck          23    1   45:10  7:51 1:41:31  8:50      
    2  135    39 Shelly Price           23    2   53:17  9:15 1:50:59  9:39        
    3  209    65 Stephanie Crosby       24    3   57:49 10:03 2:02:44 10:40 
    4  249    84 MacKenzie White        23    4 1:00:18 10:28 2:09:23 11:15           
    5  257    90 Steffanie Smith        20    6 1:03:39 11:03 2:10:12 11:19            
    6  273    98 Heather Gosnell        22    5 1:01:59 10:46 2:12:55 11:33            
    7  312   120 Shannon Kee            23    7 1:07:22 11:42 2:24:09 12:32

 So yeah fun race overall… and  not too shabby 🙂


{June 3, 2010}   And I was running….

So a few recaps for you this lovely day. Monday Memorial Day was the 31st annual Cotton Row 10k. My husband Josh was running it and me and Jaylin were helping out. We cut all the bannanas in half for the runners. She was having lots of fun and was a great help. Josh did well for not being an avid runner and did it in 53min. Though this is a local race somehow a group of people got the same race going in IRAQ. I thought I’d post some pretty awesome pictures of our soliders running on memorial day!

And if you think it’s hott out: Yikes!!!!

So after helping out I needed to get a long run in before my upcoming race so I headed off to our 4 mile trail to try and do 8. It was warm but I did ok and running time was 1hr 23 min. After mile 4 I stopped at the car for water and ran into a friend so we talked for 5 min and I paused my clock. Nice little break 🙂

So for National Running Day I didn’t manage to get a good run in, so I headed to the treadmill at lunch to squeeze in a run and boy did I book it. 2 miles in 17:24!!! I should win Kayte’s contest 😉 just because that was a personal PR. I could have done even better but had to stop and walk for .10 after the first mile which was 8:20!!!

So the big race is June 6th the Navy Nautical 10miler. and it’s going to be HOT… just gotta remember  all those soliders out there in 100 degree weather…

Oh and I signed up for the Virginia Beach Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon Sept 5th Labor day weekend!!! Check out this metal… LOVE IT!  Come do it with me!!!

tata for now


As we get close to Memorial Day and remember those who gave their lifes I want to give  a shout out to all the US Military men and woman who serve our country.. THANK YOU we could never thank you enough for the sacrifices that you give for our country. You rock!  And because I think uniforms are so hot I will give you a man of the day pic 🙂

OK moving on…. go check out Kayte’s new giveaway! A road ID and calf compressions! I wanna win!

So this weekend on Memorial Day I am giving back to the running community by volunteering in our city’s 10k. It’s a popular race and I’d love to be running it but my husband is so I am going to help out. Jaylin is going to help me pass out food to the finishers.And hey I’ll still get a t-shirt so that rocks.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


{May 26, 2010}   Right up my Alley

So monday I was tagged by Katye to tell you 7 random things about myself as part of a thing called the Versatile Blogger. So since randomness is right up my alley I thought this would be perfect for today’s topic( that and I’m fresh out of ideas 😉

1. I unlike Katye am very opinionated. I try not to push what I want on others, but I always try to find a way to get my way. I can also be stubbon/opinionated to the point of being blunt/rude. I try not to do this- but my friends know what to expect, I will say what I think and probably not have a filter. ie. I do not get people who have lots of kids, 6-9 etc… I will flat out be in shock when somone tells me that have that many and probably say good god or why?!

2. In correlation to above post I am only going to have one child- Shocking I know. But I do not feel the need to explain to everyone and their mamma my reasons. My hair dresser, receptionist at Chiro and more do not need to know why I will only have one child. But if pushed I will give some sob story about cancer- usually shuts them up 😉

3. I am a independent/libertarian.. or otherwise a republican fed up with the republicans. But everyday I read CNN and MSNBC. I think if people only read FOX that they wouldn’t get the whole picture on what is going on.. I know the others are so left but sometimes fox is just so right… lol

4. I really want to go skydiving and go up in a hot air balloon.. also to ride a race car…. I guess I am a thrill seeker.

5. I am not a morning person, yet I get up to go to work at 5:20 everymorning. Sometimes I can even be found up at 4:40 to get a workout in before work. But don’t talk to me or I will bite your head off..

6. I do not eat red meat- some people believe this makes me unamerican.

7. I hate horror flicks- because I will more than likely have terrible dreams of being chased and killed. I like murder mysteries and action… but not bad scary movies..

That’s all folks! Till next time. Oh I am supposed to tag people to do it, so consider all my followers (all 5 😉 tagged!! and let me know so I can go see yours.


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