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{July 20, 2010}   Team Jacob

So this past sat night I signed up last min for a Twilight 5k. Now I know your thinking vampires and wearwolfs but it was nothing fun like that.. Just a race at 7:15pm. I really wanted to do something Twilight related so I picked up some white tank tops and fabric markers. I was going to make a shirt with “Run like a Cullen” on the back. 🙂 Thought that would be super cute- well total fail. The shirts where hard to write on, then my letters weren’t straight and it just looked crappy.. So I nixed that plan and just went for the running. Christie came with again and is such a great pacer!! She even let me pass her at the finish which was sweet because I was suffering at the end..

So race recap: Mile 1 7:39! I think fastest ever. Mile 2 and 3 was 8 something (I so need my own GPS watch- hint hint) and I finished in 25:57. This was about 9 seconds off my last race BUT this race had like a continual hill for the last .30 mile at least!! and the other one was flat AND I didn’t have music for this one.. So in my opinion I ran better.

And for the super cool news! I got first in my age group!!! there were only 8 runners but hey I’ll take it- got a 20$ gift card to a local running store. Yay! So now I have a 1st and 3rd. I’m so pumped I signed up for another race next weekend. Paint the Streets 5k.It’s small and local so maybe I can place again?

Some pics from the race:

By the way my baby Jay ran the fun mile that same night in 12:22!! She did so good- complained about the heat the whole time but made it! 🙂

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{July 8, 2010}   An Explosive Run

lol- Ok so that title could sound bad but I mean it in the best way! I got a PR in the Hilton Head Firecracker 5k race on July 4th! It was amazing- I did so many fun  things that day, the beach, parasailing and even surfing, but nothing compared to the excitement and feeling of accomplishment of beating all previous race times!!

I got to race it with my best friend christie who happened to be going on vacay with 2 other couples to the same place. She hooked us up with matching 4th of July attire. So cute!  So we were ready. I had prepped by the day before running on the treadmill- I decided to go all out and did 3 miles in 25:13! Was super excited about that time as that was the fastest I’d done so far.. I wasn’t expecting that much from the race though as it was a new course, and hot out (8am start) so I was aiming for 27min.. my previous 5k race time (not in a 1/2 marathon) was 31min.. so I knew either way I’d do better but just by how much was questionable. So off we go.. they didn’t have shoe chips so we tried to get close to the start so our time we be as close to the race clock as possible(I don’t know how they time those things without chips)

So my goal was to hang with Christie, she is overall always a good bit faster than me. So our first mile she tells me that her garmin says we did about a 7:55mile… I am like oh my!! I was feeling good though so I didn’t (mentally)slow down.. I think our 2nd mile was around 8:20 (I am going off my memory right now- I didn’t have her write it down). With about .80 to go Christie started pulling away by about 10 feet… she called back to me when it was .50 to go and I kept pushing harder to not let her get too far ahead of me.. Closer to the end when I could see the finished I booked it in! I was amazed when I saw the clock!

87 th  STEPHANIE  CROSBY       F     24     HUNTSVILLE      AL     25:48

I only finished 7 seconds behind christie!!! I was so excited.. that is like the best 4th july ever!  I shall post more pics when I get home.

So now on to more tri training… I swam yesterday and today.. 600yrds in 11min and the 1000yrds in 20:30… So gotta get some biking in, only about a month to train for that one and I want to beat last year’s time of 1:09:xx.

 (Fun on the beach surfing ) 🙂



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