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{June 28, 2010}   Sorry Guys!

Dang it has been awhile since I posted.. Sorry! been busy with life I guess. Rotated to a new office for my job and have been alot busier at work so I didn’t have the time to post like I did before.

Training has been going well. I finally borrowed a bike to train for the Sprint triathalon.  I’ve gotten 3 rides in so far… two 8 milers and one 14..  Do you guys ride with bike shorts with pads or just regular shorts??? I am trying to find some shorts that I can run/bike/swim in and can’t find any locally. I’m sure there are some online but I kinda want to try them on first before buying them. Last year I just wore my swimsuit under some shorts and a tank- but my bike seat was much more comfortable.  I am up to 1000yrds in swimming – I’m trying to get my time down for the 400meters but aren’t getting too much quicker, maybe once I get there the excitement will get me going faster.

On another note I have a practice 5k coming up! we are going on a family vacation to Hilton Head for the 4th and I found this run and was excited! It will be HOT! But I hope to get a PR in a 5K.

Anyways back to work! I will try to be better at posting!



Courtney says:

Have fun on your family trip! 🙂

I love Hilton Head! And congrats on your Tri training! I think I’m way too lazy for a tri. I have no motivation to get on a bike or in the pool (unless it involves lounging around).

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