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{June 8, 2010}   Toe the line

Yay! So CONGRATS to Kayte who just finished her 1st MARATHON!! I am so proud of you girl! So as I was finishing my race Kayte had 14.7 more miles to go! YIKES!

My race went well- I didn’t meet my 2 hour goal. I was 2min 44 sec shy of it. Do you ever look at your watch and know you might not make it and give up.. Well that is what happend to me. It was a HOT and MUGGY day to start out with so I was alittle slower on the first 1/2 than I planned on being. I thought I would start out quick get a few good miles in and then slow down as I got tired but still make the 2hr mark. Well at the 5 Nautical Mile mark (which was 5.76) I was at 57:49 so right at a 10.03pace. So I figured I was slower but could still push it out.. but then it just was so humid and hot I walked a few times and right when I was close to the 9 nm mark I only had 10 min left.. Well I knew that my first Nautical Mile (1.15) was 10 min so there was no way I had that much energy left and I gave up 😦 I obviously finished but walked a few times and ended up with 2hrs 2min and 44 sec. So do you run with watches?? Does it help or hurt you?? My brother ran it with me (his FIRST race) and he was determined to beat me. He got ahead of me and I could still see him after mile 6 but then I lost him. I should have caught up- since he didn’t have a watch and was determined to get under two he just kept up a good pace and finished 1:59:02!! I was so proud of him. Though he did have the unfair advantage of his army buddy pacing and cheering him on the whole way! Before Race: Check it out my number is my birth year.. Thought that was super cool.

 After race: check out the awesome anchor metals!  My husband/daughter, parents and brother and Brad’s g/f were all cheering us on, we got to see them at mile 6ish and 9ish and at the finish.. check out my sign it said BEE FAST on it 🙂

So check this out: I got 3rd place! hehe only had to beat four people but hey I got a navy coin with the race insignia. Don’t have the other pics yet but I will try to post them when I get them from my mom. So I got 209th overall and 65 out of the woman.

DIV   OVRL  SEX                            *****5.76 MILE****  ***FINISH***
PLACE PLC   PLC      NAME              AGE RANK  TIME   PACE   TIME   PACE  
    1   66    17 Pamela Koleck          23    1   45:10  7:51 1:41:31  8:50      
    2  135    39 Shelly Price           23    2   53:17  9:15 1:50:59  9:39        
    3  209    65 Stephanie Crosby       24    3   57:49 10:03 2:02:44 10:40 
    4  249    84 MacKenzie White        23    4 1:00:18 10:28 2:09:23 11:15           
    5  257    90 Steffanie Smith        20    6 1:03:39 11:03 2:10:12 11:19            
    6  273    98 Heather Gosnell        22    5 1:01:59 10:46 2:12:55 11:33            
    7  312   120 Shannon Kee            23    7 1:07:22 11:42 2:24:09 12:32

 So yeah fun race overall… and  not too shabby 🙂



love the pictures! sounds like a really fun race…minus the heat. and thank you for the shoutout! You’re voicemail made me smile so much! I saved it =) hahah yep I’m a dork. but congrats for pushing it through a tough race! I know how those can feel. darn humidity. you’ll just have to do San Diego with me next year where there is none =)

Cynthia says:

Congrats on your place! I love your 86; it was a lucky number for you that day.

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