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{June 3, 2010}   And I was running….

So a few recaps for you this lovely day. Monday Memorial Day was the 31st annual Cotton Row 10k. My husband Josh was running it and me and Jaylin were helping out. We cut all the bannanas in half for the runners. She was having lots of fun and was a great help. Josh did well for not being an avid runner and did it in 53min. Though this is a local race somehow a group of people got the same race going in IRAQ. I thought I’d post some pretty awesome pictures of our soliders running on memorial day!

And if you think it’s hott out: Yikes!!!!

So after helping out I needed to get a long run in before my upcoming race so I headed off to our 4 mile trail to try and do 8. It was warm but I did ok and running time was 1hr 23 min. After mile 4 I stopped at the car for water and ran into a friend so we talked for 5 min and I paused my clock. Nice little break 🙂

So for National Running Day I didn’t manage to get a good run in, so I headed to the treadmill at lunch to squeeze in a run and boy did I book it. 2 miles in 17:24!!! I should win Kayte’s contest 😉 just because that was a personal PR. I could have done even better but had to stop and walk for .10 after the first mile which was 8:20!!!

So the big race is June 6th the Navy Nautical 10miler. and it’s going to be HOT… just gotta remember  all those soliders out there in 100 degree weather…

Oh and I signed up for the Virginia Beach Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon Sept 5th Labor day weekend!!! Check out this metal… LOVE IT!  Come do it with me!!!

tata for now



Kirsten says:

Awesome Iraq run pics!! Would have loved to see that video’d!! Great job on the 17+min 2 mile! WOW- that is a fasty!!
If I had the money to travel to Virginia Beach and run that RockNRoll, I WOULD BE RIGHT THERE IN A HEARTBEAT!! I did the Dallas RnR in March, and am signed up for the Chicago RnR in August (family wedding weekend- had to scrap every penny together for this one) So- if i come into some money, I will send you a line,and MEET YOU THERE!! (Cross your fingers, pray, whatever it takes!)

That would be super awesome- AND you would have done 3 rock in roll.. I think you would get a SPECIAL metal for that… hehe I love metals. 🙂

Cynthia says:

Have a great run on Sunday. I’m doing a shorter one – 5K.

Josh ran well. I love it when non-runners race and blow by with respectable times. It really hooks them. Congrats to him.

Hope you had a good run!

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