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{May 26, 2010}   Right up my Alley

So monday I was tagged by Katye to tell you 7 random things about myself as part of a thing called the Versatile Blogger. So since randomness is right up my alley I thought this would be perfect for today’s topic( that and I’m fresh out of ideas 😉

1. I unlike Katye am very opinionated. I try not to push what I want on others, but I always try to find a way to get my way. I can also be stubbon/opinionated to the point of being blunt/rude. I try not to do this- but my friends know what to expect, I will say what I think and probably not have a filter. ie. I do not get people who have lots of kids, 6-9 etc… I will flat out be in shock when somone tells me that have that many and probably say good god or why?!

2. In correlation to above post I am only going to have one child- Shocking I know. But I do not feel the need to explain to everyone and their mamma my reasons. My hair dresser, receptionist at Chiro and more do not need to know why I will only have one child. But if pushed I will give some sob story about cancer- usually shuts them up 😉

3. I am a independent/libertarian.. or otherwise a republican fed up with the republicans. But everyday I read CNN and MSNBC. I think if people only read FOX that they wouldn’t get the whole picture on what is going on.. I know the others are so left but sometimes fox is just so right… lol

4. I really want to go skydiving and go up in a hot air balloon.. also to ride a race car…. I guess I am a thrill seeker.

5. I am not a morning person, yet I get up to go to work at 5:20 everymorning. Sometimes I can even be found up at 4:40 to get a workout in before work. But don’t talk to me or I will bite your head off..

6. I do not eat red meat- some people believe this makes me unamerican.

7. I hate horror flicks- because I will more than likely have terrible dreams of being chased and killed. I like murder mysteries and action… but not bad scary movies..

That’s all folks! Till next time. Oh I am supposed to tag people to do it, so consider all my followers (all 5 😉 tagged!! and let me know so I can go see yours.



Kirsten says:

ok– i have posted my versatile me

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