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{May 25, 2010}   Junkie

I am normally a semi healthy eater. I can’t eat alot of bad foods due to my digestive system so I tend to stay away from fried and fatty foods. My weakness of course would be sweets. I’m not really on a diet I am just aware of what I eat and try not to over do bad foods. Well today I just threw that out of the water and it’s not even dinner yet. Our office is fundraising money for the Army Relief Campaign and they were having a food sale w/ chicfila chicken biscuts and baked goods. So I had to have one, along w/ two cookies for breakfast. and then I unfortunately did not bring lunch and now have had a red velvet cake for lunch- I will now try to avoid the leftover cheesecake that my husband made that is in the fridge!!!!! Good thing I made it to the gym and ran at lunch! 3 miles in 27:40 but what was even better was that the first two were in 17:20! I was booking it.

In shopping updates I have not gone to a store- but was reminded that it’s  Memorial Day Week- and there are SALES! 😦 This will not be easy. I did get a dress that I bought last week in the mail.. so it kinda felt like I bought something 😉  ” I am Stephanie and I am a shopahaulic”



Kirsten says:

I am Kirsten and I am a closet shopaholic (aka poor person that loves the internet and the way you dont feel so bad about buying things because you dont ACTUALLY leave your house to do it. And if you have an amazon account you can sell your books/cd/dvd/stuff to them and put money in your amazon account and buy more stuff, and it is just a big great cycle!!! *breathing now*)

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