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{May 23, 2010}   Does my insurance cover retail therapy?

I have a shopping problem. I am good about getting things on sale, but I don’t think I could go awhole week without buying some form of clothes/shoes/purse/or jewelry. I need to work on that! I am trying to pay off my loans and could probably have done so by now. So my goal is to not buy anything for the next TWO WEEKS! Maybe I should only give myself a week goal…..  See below recent sale/splurge purchase from Anthropologie:

In running news I finally got around to running more than 2 miles on the treadmill and did 4 on the greenway yesterday. I really needed to do 8 but it was just so hot and my husband came with me and he was done. My first 3 miles were great times though, 8:30, 8:50 and 9:25!  I am definately getting my speed up a bit. I will try to run 6ish tonight when it cools down.

So the cotton row is next week and I am not getting to run it 😦 My husband had signed up months ago and since we don’t really have anyone to watch Jaylin at 6:30am on memorial day I decided that me and Jaylin would volunteer to pass out food or water or something. Give back some. Should be fun except I will feel alittle sad when all my friends go running by.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



I would like to volunter at a race but feel the same way
I also want to run it!!

Trish says:

If you find insurance that covers retail therapy, let me know! I have the same problem. I love shopping on the internet! 🙂

Cynthia says:

Maybe hubby can volunteer with the little one and you can still run. We did that last summer and it worked well for all of us.

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