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{April 28, 2010}   Polka Dot Bikini

OK so this is a lessons learned post and passing on knowledge so it doesn’t happen to ya’ll .. Might have TMI in it but I don’t want it happening to you!

Laser Hair removal rocks- I was on my 9th treatment. Now the lighter the skin you have the better it works- and I’m a sucker for the sun and tanning so I tried hard in the beginning to stay light but it just didn’t work. So they can use a lower power lazer for darker skin. Well I had been to Orlando for a week so I rescheduled my treatment for a week out because it is not good to have been in the sun before or after a treatment. Well brilliant me forgot I had gone to the tanning bed the day before my treatment! If I would have told her that this could have all been avoided. Now I have a million crop circle burns across the top of my area. First it just burned like crap and I put alot of lotion stuff on it and now some are healing and some are  peeling!!! So I will have circles either way.. NICE. Maybe I can use fake tanner or lighten the rest or something.  So lesson always tell them if you have been in the sun- I would have much rather they used the lesser laser than have this happen to me! 😦 😦 😦



triple ouch! I’ve been wanting to get laser hair removal for while now…just too scared to commit. I don’t like pain

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