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{April 18, 2010}   two four six eight!

So I finally got out there and did a long run this week. Yesterday after work I got a 4 miler in on the treadmill in 37:45 and then work up this morning and went running around 7:30am! Shocker – but I was up so figured what the heck. Drove to my local Greenway Trail which is 2 miles out and back. Started out at a decent pace 9:10 , finished the 4 miles in 37:40 and then took a min or two break to go to the car for some water and more gum and then started back out for the next 4 miles. I was alittle slower at around 10min miles and by mile 7 my hip was hurting some. I finished that 4 in 40:50. So over all not too bad.

After a shower and some resting(setting up my awesome new Ipod I won from Kayte’s Giveaway) I cleaned out my whole car. It looks beautiful except the outside 😦 gotten some quotes to fix it but haven’t heard from the other insurance people yet. Funny thing was I was at target shopping and when I got home I noticed that someone had put bandaid magnets on my car. Boo Boo Magnets. I thought it was a cute marketing technique but there is no way a magnet is going to cover that damage!

So final thing of the day is me trying to cook dinner. FAIL as always. I just am not cut out to be in the kitchen. I was trying to cut squash to go with my frozen lobster raviolies that I picked up at target and cut my finger. 😦 boo. That will be my last try for awhile..

I’m heading back to my book and glass of wine for the remainder of the night. Adios



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