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{April 18, 2010}   Spring Cleaning

I am no Domestic Goddess- I proved it yet again this morning trying to iron a shirt before church. I don’t even know how I did it but I burned my hand. Someone pointed out that it looked like a heart- I thought that was cool. So I took a picture. 🙂 Do you see it??

Anyways its about that time to swap all my clothes and shoes from winter to summer. I had practically made a disaster getting clothes to go to Disney so it was due time to clean the mess up and swap everything out. No small task but I put my cleaning music on(have to have that) and I owned it 😉

Song playing now: Missing you by BlackEyed Peas (Love the new album to clean/run to!)

I’m posting before and after pics.. though I probably shouldn’t air out my “dirty laundry” lol. corny I know.

You don’t even want to see the floor with the shoes…..

Ok Drumroll…. after:

Organized by color.

Found some interesting things- Got a whole bag for giveaway. Have one item that I need some help on. I got this belt YEARS ago in Gatlinburg- should I keep it?? 🙂 I’d hate to get rid of it though I never wear it (heck I never even wear a seat belt anyways) but it’s cute- Maybe Jaylin would want it someday.

So that was my day… I am going to take Jaylin to play tennis and then get a short run in with my friend and then its Monday again…  See ya!



wow! I need to do all my summer winter switching. I’m out of school in a month so I’ll wait till i bring everything home from my apartment to do it. Its very needed though. And cute belt, I think it’s worth keeping, even if its just for the heck of it

Jamie says:

As I was putting away my husband’s clean clothes (after my second weekend in a row of a laundry marathon) I realized that we need to do that same thing. He has more t-shirts than anyone should be allowed to have. He doesn’t have enough drawer space for all of them! Thanks for giving me some motivation to clean up our stuff 🙂

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