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{April 15, 2010}   Over the hump

For wednesday my new fav show is Human Target, It’s kind of like mini Bond series of something like that. Mark Valley is a hired killer turned person body gaurd.  Pretty cool storylines- lots of action and he’s not that bad to look at either. 🙂

This week I finished my 2nd pair of shoes. The first pair turned out great(at least I think so) the 2nd pair not so much, but oh well. I do have a request for a blue pair with clouds! Any other cool ideas??

Had to throw a bee in there 🙂

When I saw this I thought it was great! I loved Ms Pac Man growing up! It’s sold out though at modcloth.com. They have so many cute and unique necklaces and clothes.

This pic was from the hotel across from ours- I just had to get a pic with it 🙂

Workout: Had a decent workout yesterday- Did a 8:22 mile on the treadmill along with some crossfit stuff. Had to get quotes for my car today so I didn’t go at lunch.. Maybe I’ll break out the 30dayshred video tonight. Well on to folding clothes and getting stuff ready for tomorrow. Sorry not too much going on. TTYL



Courtney says:

I like the shoes, very cute!

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