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{April 12, 2010}   Disney Recap

So on Sat afternoon we packed the car and headed to Atl on the way to Orland0. We stayed at my husband’s friends house and after a great Easter breakfast(and scrambling to get Jaylin’s Easter basket together) we headed out to Orlando. 5 thousand toll roads later and stopping to ask for directions(which totally ruined the surprise for Jaylin when we had to ask how in the world to get to Disney World) we pulled into the PopCentry Resort.  Hotel Review: For the price it was great- But lacked any extras. No fridge, micro, coffee pot, internet. All was extra and I don’t even think you could get a micro or coffee pot. But it was clean and totally works as a place to sleep! This was the view from the pool- all of the hotel blocks, ie 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s had different themes and stuff on the buildings. Ours was the 70’s and had big 8 Tracks on the side and mood rings on the bldg..

So monday josh headed off to the conference and me and Jaylin headed to the pool! We stayed out there most all day till Josh came back and we went shopping at Downtown Disney.

Downtown Disney: Check out the shoes I painted- Like Honeycombs.. I of course threw a bee on there. Will post better pics later at home.

So Tue was a repeat of the pool and then Epcot. I enjoyed checking out the countries and wished I had more time to shop around at some of the stores. We forgot Jaylin’s stroller and it was getting late and no nap so she was wanted to be carried… but she had fun and we waited around for the fireworks at 9 which were pretty cool.

Wed was magic kingdom- Josh still had to work so I met up with some friends and their kids(she was there for the conference too) around 1:30 and Josh finally caught up at about 5:30. We stayed till almost midnight watching the parade/fireworks and squeezing in a few more rides. Jaylin loved it and it was a good day(totally remembered the stroller!) No Ariel though 😦 the line was at an hour and steadily increasing when we went by and we were starving. SO maybe next time!

So Thurs was rest day and more pool- We also went back to the downtown disney so Jaylin could make a buildadino at the T-REX place and we ate lunch there. At night we met up with my friend again and had dinner at Bahama Breeze- Great food TERRIBLE service. I think something went wrong with almost everyone’s order. including dropping the kids macaroni and cheese on the floor when they were starving!! fun stuff..

Friday we packed the car and then headed to Animal Kingdom where we did the Safari and a few other rides/animal walks. Jaylin enjoyed that and I got to ride the Everest ride with out a wait!! I was in line and a couple walked by and gave out their fast pass and it was for right then. And I rode in the front seat! Yay! Not like the most thrilling ride but still fun. She saw Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Pluto, Goofy, and Daisy.

So we left Animal Kingdom at about 2 Eastern and got home at about 1:30am central! It was a trek but Josh had to turn around and leave for another trip sun morning so we needed to be home.

In all great trip and look forward to the next time! I know today is GIVEAWAY day so when I get home tonight I will draw and post the winner. So last chance to get some entries!

ps. Even though I brought all my stuff I didn’t run once! But I did get a good 6miler in on Sat 1hr 3min.



so glad u got to do the safari and everest two of my faves =) and I love how you start every other paragraph with “so” cuz i do that all the time. Jaylin is so freaking adorably gorgeous!

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