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{April 1, 2010}   Hot and then Cold- Yes and then No

Thankfully I am writing right now on my front porch because it is finally nice out! Hopefully I can say bye to my winter wardrobe and move on to cute summer attire. So in honor of the lovely “hot” weather today I shall take a cue from other bloggy friends and do a Hott or Not.

I’m going to start with my NOT of the day: Being in a car accident!! So I was on my lunch break at a light in the left turn lane when a truck with a trailer and (see below picture) equipment on top tried turning in the outside lane and cut it a bit too close. 😦 my beautiful blue car got side swiped by the treads. totally his fault but I really hope the insurance sees it that way so I do not have to pay more!


 See missing door handle- I will have to move Jaylin’s car seat to other side now.

So do you ever have trouble waking up for a sat morning run? Try the bomb alarm clock! NOT. This alarm clock will beep and give you 60sec  to “disarm” the bomb by disconnecting the correct color wire that is flashing. If you don’t there will be a loud “explosion”. Lets just say if I had this alarm I would be dead- not by the explosion but from an irrate husband 😉

Have you ever needed somewhere to put your music and disliked the arm bands? Well I always do and stemming from that need is a Hot and a Not.

Enter Dew Quiver: Rambo style ipod carrier. I’m going to go w/ not cool to wear a fanny pack like that but person opinion.

HOTT: A much better option for girls to keep their ipods is: drum roll please…..

Sports bra with pocket and hole to run cords up from Gracie’s Gear! I got one at the Princess 1/2 Marathon Expo and I love it and want more. They even have full length tanks. Very supportive- check it out! http://www.graciesgearandtraining.com/html/products-all.php

OK weird hott: but then again I’m weird like that: Macaroni and cheese Candle from etsy.com  http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=42898204&ref=sr_list_1&&ga_search_query=macaroni+candle&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_page=&include

I want 🙂

Last but not least I want to know what YOU think?? Is this dress HOt or Not??Leave a comment and let me know!



That sports bra looks awesome and I like the dress 🙂

Long Legs on the Loose says:

i love my gracie bra too! even though its takes me some effort to get in and out of it =) and I really like that dress! you can pull it off with your hair and skin tone. and that alarm clock. i’m pretty sure i would make the explosion by beating the crap out of the thing, then going back to bed haha

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