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{March 30, 2010}   A date with Jim

So I happen to work at a place that has a gym very conveniently located to me. This is great because I frequently go to the gym on my lunch break, or as I joke with my coworkers “Have a lunch date with Jim/Gym” . Now I am pretty good about getting in a good workout and still managing to look/smell fresh and clean going back to the office. Now in the beginning it was weird to work out with coworkers/old bosses – you think “Are they watching my time, do they think my short shorts are too short ;)” but after a year or so you get over it. You kinda create a support group, It makes going to the gym fun and more enjoyable. You meet new people and create friends.

BUT – and you knew a rant was coming. The thing I hate the most is the old guys who think they know you. And always try to talk to you, AND Then you see them out in public. Say at girl’s night and your dancing w/ your friends and they come up and try to dance w/ you and act all like they know you and make comments about how good you look! I hate that! Don’t try to talk to me in the supermarket, mall, or in a bar. I don’t even know your name and your OLD!

So I don’t really know what the point of all that was- except I just got back from the gym. See article below that I thought was kinda neat:




grace says:

that’s super cute that you and your coworkers do that. i have a gym in walking distance but my problem would be worrying about time! 😦

i think it’s super cute you refer to the gym as jim! i think i’ll use it 🙂

yeah I worry about time some. But right now I am in a pretty laid back place.

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