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{March 28, 2010}   Winner Winner

So I never win anything, I can have a million entries in something and the person with one will still manage to win something over me. But! I entered Kayte’s blog giveaway for an Ipod and WON and I only had 2 entries! I picked a blue Ipod since that is my favorite color!

I was so excited because I was just about to go buy one because I had just broken my last mp3 player. I was running and it dropped on the ground- which probably wouldn’t have been that bad but then I stepped on it and broke the screen! It still played but was obviously a pain in the rear to find the music and try to play a playlist and such. SO Thanks Kayte!

This is much better than my luck last week when I visited one of those Mary Kay things. You know you host a party or something for someone and then you have entries for a give away. Well it was 500 cash so I thought what the heck I’ll go to the drawing since you had to be present to win. How many woman will actually show to this thing? Well it wasn’t actually that many so me and my friend figured between our 25 entries that we had a good chance and would split the money. The consultant had told us to be there early and the drawing would be at 6:30… TWO hours later They were just getting around to the drawing! So after sitting through sales pitch after sales pitch and a bunch of small drawings for make-up stuff which I obviously didn’t win either our husbands were getting just as iritated as us for not being home anywhere near the time we stated. My friend’s husband texted her that she better come home w/ the 500 whether she won or not- even if she mugged the winner in the parking lot. She told him that she thought I had a good chance of winning. He said he thought she could take me. To which she replied that I was faster(So true! and I run slow 😉 His reply was to take out my knees now and if i didn’t win apologize later.  🙂 This was the extent of our entertainment that night- so point of story unless you plan on or want to sell mary kay do NOT go to a meeting in hopes of cash- so waste of time!

On another note I will be having my first giveway soon! So good luck!!! hehe



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