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{March 28, 2010}   Artsy Fartsy

So it was finally a pretty day here in Al! Yay! So I took advantage of it by running,reading a book on the porch rocking chair(double shot- murder mystery book), and painting some shoes for Jaylin.  That is our brightly colored rocking chair 🙂

So I think my first attempt at painting shoes turned out fairly well. For my shoes I just want lots of colors(think tye dye maybe but no pattern). So I’m not sure if I want to use the same fabric paint or the paint markers that they have at Michaels. (I think I would have to wait awhile for the fabric paint to dry inbetween colors) I love shopping at Michaels because I never go without  a 40% off coupon. You can always find one online!

Sticking w/ the art theme I’ll post some pictures of  previous art work I’ve done. A few months ago I hosted a Wine and Paint at my house for Team in Training- It was lots of fun and a great idea to raise money since I just bought the canvasses and paint on sale!

This painting was in memory for a friend  of mine who passed away from cancer. She was such a bright and positive person and reminded us all to enjoy life w/ a smile. I miss you Laura!

 and as always a Bee 🙂 I made this for Jaylin’s room.

So that’s about it for today- nothing exciting or thrilling to talk about . Gonna go find a movie to watch and dig into some ice cream 🙂

Laters~ Randomthotschick~


Long Legs on the Loose says:

considering i have 0 artistic abilities, I’m jealous! The shoes are SOOOO cute love them. My uncle is an art teacher and still paints alot, and I love all his work =)

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