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{March 24, 2010}   Happy B’day Baby Bella

So 5 years ago today at 10:12 I gave birth to Jaylin Isabella. As a baby myself I was scared to death- but insisted on doing it natural due to my fear of the needle for the meds..(which I would later get over as I would have to be stuck multiple times for treatments only a year 1/2 later) So I labored at the house all night while watching movies. I remember one I watched was Keeping the Faith about a Girl, Priest and Rabbi- w/ Ben Stiller and Edward Norton. It was pretty cute- forgot the other one(must have been in more pain at that point).

So at about 5 I woke Josh up(my husband) and we got ready to go to the hospital. Probably arriving around 7ish my contractions were worse and we got into a room around 8 and I had her at 10:12… So it was quick! I’m at work so no brand new baby pics on here but a few of my favorites :

So Happy B’day Jaylin!!! I’m going to take her to the duck pond or park today when I get off if it is nice. Maybe some ice cream! 🙂

Btw- Ran 2 on tradmill yesterday even w/ my cold. Not sure about today- Need to do a longish run. Haven’t figured how to put a widget of daily mile yet. Where do I paste the link????

~Randomthotschick~ Steph


Libby says:

Aww…Happy Birthday to your little one!

Tonia says:

She is beautiful. Happy birthday to her!

Long Legs on the Loose says:

Happy Happy Birthday Jaylin! So gorgeous…I can tell she was quite the little attitude and personality =) Hope you guys have an awesome day together!

streak says:

Happy Birthday to your daughter! Hope you all enjoy the day and everyday!

Rebecca says:

Hey Steph! I was super excited to see Katye’s report that you’ve got this lovely blog now. Happy Birthday to little Miss there!

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