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{March 22, 2010}   Princess 1/2 Marathon

So March 7th 2010 was my best b’day ever! but to those of you who don’t run you’d think I was insain. I was with my Team in Training group- a group of ladies who had all fundraised for months to raise $3,500 for the Luekemia and Lymphoma Society. We woke up at 2:45 to get ready to get on a bus to go to Epcot (Yes I was in Disney for pretty much the first time) It was probably around high 30/low 40 degrees and I forgot my gloves! We waited around in the cold for awhile before walking to the start line. Me and my roomie Kayte found that that generators that were running the lights put out some warm exhaust so we chilled by that for awhile..

After that at we got in our race coral- B and waited for the start of the race at 6:07. I started out running w/ katye but 2 miles into it she had to detor to a blue box 😉 I really wanted to get a good time so I kept on running. I loved the course there were characters on the side, music, and more.  I was able to get a time of 2:18:08! Which thrilled me since my last 1/2 marathon was 2:45:50! Of course this course was a bit flatter so that made a world of difference.

YAY! I felt great and wasn’t sore at all!   More to come.. gotta get some coffee


In continuation from yesterday.. I got busy.. oops..

Had a great time in Disney !Went to the parks later in the day after the Team in Training lunch celebration where I got to meet the famous Mickey and Minnie!  So one last pic…. from the parks !

 In summery I turned 24, raised $3,500 so I could…. wake up at 2:45, sit in the cold, and Run 13.1 miles!!! And it was so worth it all!!  GO TEAM !


Long Legs on the Loose says:

YAY! You have a blog! Can’t wait to send all my favorite bloggers your way =) And glad I have a way to state up to date in your crazy life =) Still so proud of you and the half! You rocked it hard core.

Erin says:

I found you on Katye’s blog and wanted to say hi! Welcome, bloggy!! And great job on your princess half time!!!

I found you through Katye’s blog! Congrats on an awesome PR for your Princess half 🙂 That is awesome!

Libby says:

You are going to have tons of people coming over from Kayte’s blog haha. It was great meeting you at the Princess Half!! And now I’m excited that you made a blog YAY!!

Ross says:


I found you through Katye’s blog.

Thank you so much for making a difference to so many through your efforts to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

I am a long time TNT particpant from the Rocky Mountain Chapter.

Congrats on your PR. Love the pic of the Mickey and Minnie.

Go TEAM!!!

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